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Landmarks, Museums and Archeology near Belgium’s Airports

If you are looking for Landmarks, Museums and Archeology near Belgium’s Airports you have come to the right place.

Landmarks, Museums and Archeology near Belgium’s Airports

Landmarks and Museums near the Antwerp Airport in Belgium

Antwerp airport is located 2km from the city of Antwerp, Belgium. This airport is connected by bus and train to the city of Antwerp. In 2006, the airport served 105,937 passengers.

  • Archeology: The city is known for its various archaeological structures and buildings that attract tourists in large numbers. These include Antwerp Zoo, Cathedral of Our Lady, The Church of St. Paul, Plantin-Moretus Museum, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Boerentoren and Rubenshuis.
  • Parks: You can also visit enormous theme parks and aquariums in this Belgian city. The most famous ones are Bobbejaanland, Aquatopia, Planckendael Animal Park and Zoological Garden of Antwerp.

Brussels Airport BelgiumThings to see near Brussels Airport in Belgium

Brussels Airport is an international airport located in Zaventem, 11km northeast of Brussels, Belgium. This airport carries million of passengers every year and serves as the principal gateway for tourists visiting this Belgian city.

Here are a few things to do near the BrusselsAirport in Belgium

  • Archaeological Sites: Brussels is known for its diverse and awe inspiring architectural buildings that are a must visit. The important ones include Grand Place, the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral, Laken Castle, Royal Palace, The Atomium, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Brussels Theatre.
  • Food: Brussels is also known for its mouth watering delicacies. These include local waffle, chocolate, French fries and beers. The specialties include Brussels waffles and mussels. You can also enjoy famous beers such as lambic style of beer and Kriek.

Liege Airport BelgiumThings to see near the Liege Airport in Belgium

Liege airport is the busiest airport in Belgium in terms of cargo and third busiest in terms of passenger traffic. In 2009, it was the eighth largest airport in Europe. It serves as the principal gateway for tourists visiting this Belgian city.

  • Sights: Liege is well known for several beautiful sights. The notable ones include Prince-Bishops of Liège, Liège Cathedral, St Bartholomew’s Church, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art and The Curtius Museum. These attractions draw tourists in large numbers.
  • Events And Festivals: The city is well known for its folk festivals. The famous ones are The 15 August festival (“Le 15 août”), The Saint Nicholas festival, Jazz à Liège and Liège-Bastogne-Liège cycle race. You must be a part of these celebrations if you come to Liege.

Things to see near the Ostend Airport in Belgium

Ostend is a Belgium city and municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. It is one of a preferred tourist destination and attracts tourists in large numbers. The principal airport that serves this city is Ostend- Bruges International Airport.

  • Places: Some of the places that are worth a visit are The James Ensor museum, The Mercator, Hippodrome Wellington, St Petrus and St Paulus Church and Het Vissersplein. These places attract tourists in huge numbers every year.
  • To Do: Besides visiting monuments and museums you can also pursue a range of activities such as going on a long walk on the famous Promenade Beach, visit Park Island and be a part of the adventurous activities such as minigolf, pedals and rowing boats. That is not all, you must also go shopping and have a blast at the famous nightlife destinations.


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